The Monument Reviews

Elahe Marjovi’s set is a visual masterpiece to behold: the stage, set with a leveled riser in the center, is covered with earthiness of the forest ground, hauntingly lit and with braided ropes suspended from the ceiling as trees.

Lauzon’s production of this concise one-act play is gorgeously realized − the heightened physicality in the scenes segueing seamlessly into nightmare-like choreography between them. Elahe Marjovi’s set design hides moving visual surprises.

Indeed, the Factory Theatre Mainstage hits the audience with the smell of earth, wood and sage from Elahe Marjovi’s set before they’ve even taken your seats. A stone platform rises from a stage covered in dirt and wood shavings, the kind of platform that a statue would stand on. Surrounding it are lengths of thick rope, hanging from the ceiling with frayed endings...incorporation of red dresses, symbolizing Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women.

She Said/He Said Review

Eric Mongerson’s lighting design is handsomely effective in creating a dynamic transition between scenes and performance mediums, with Elahe Marjovi’s set design also being triumphant in its use of mirrored, reflecting panels.

Shargh Daily Interview

This is an interview Shargh daily newspaper did with Elahe on April 16th 2014 about her experiences as a set designer both in Iran and on Broadway.

All My Sons Trailor

This is a video trailer that Elahe made for promotion of  of All my sons production at the University of Kansas.